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Nat Lyon has a checkered CV, that includes a Ph.D. in anthropology, careers in historic preservation, higher education, freelance writing, and the visual arts. And a fondness for gin and very large dogs.

The latest full-length release, slant front desk (2018), provides a new set of illegible field notes and lo-fi soundscapes from the magical and miserable place known as the eastern uplands. Songs about bikes, hikes, dogs, and pharmaceuticals. Special appearances by T. Plunkett, A. Kanzler, and S. Reichert.

Lyon is a founding member of the alt-collaborative The Landseers with Ashley Cooke (Pulco / Chow Mwng) and Stefan James (Sweet Benfica). Their initial effort, the Wasted EP was released in October 2015. His current project is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Aimee Kanzler called rift|fault.

#pastoral-punk #experimental-trash

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