about random walk theory

random walk theory is a model used in anthropology to describe how foraging economies adapt to unpredicted periods of resource scarcity.

it's also a thought exercise, with a new cast eccentric characters in odd situations.

#pastoral-punk #experimental-trash


track list and credits

01. maple
02. humidity
03. dope bike man (T.K. Plunkett: guitar and vocals)
04. flashlights and leashes (T.K. Plunkett: guitar loop)
05. Oceania
06. on some toxic beach
07. the long nod
08. random walk theory
09. the experienced traveler (originally written as a jingle with Ashley Cooke for the Take Off Your Sunglasses show)
10. Barney (T.K. Plunkett: guitar loop)
11. harvesting rushes (violin and drum samples from Green Grow the Rushes by John Vanderslice)
12. Tom Nevers
13. future ringtone
14. Hampton Station
15. porcelain
16. buddha and duck are friends
17. Tiger Lilly

Recorded on two islands in three states.
catalogue: farm0182.p.a.001
Unless noted, all songs written, performed, and recorded by Nat Lyon, © 2016.

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